Just Because. . .


See as it’s already the first of December then. How in the hell did that happen? We’re gonna ease real gentle into the seasonal hoo-hah with a song that just mentions ol’ sandy claws in passing. Expect y’all are familiar with the King’s version and Gram’s and so on. All types of folks done this song, an old workhorse but it opens with the bitter, killer line ‘Just because you think you’re so pretty…’ and you know folks are going to always want to sing that. On a bluegrass tip their version is less frantic and twanging than the Stanley Brothers, it’s actually the second version ever recorded and the brothers first single for Decca although the writing credit seems to be dubious.

If’n you ain’t started in already you may now begin drinking hard right through to 2017…

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 1, 2016.

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