a wop bop a loo bop…


have mercy! Little Richard is 84. Say, ‘Happy Birthday Little Richard!’ and all your great, big, wigs too. Let’s say it while we can lest the curse of 2016 strike again, and ‘cos it ain’t christmas related that I can tell. I find it’s easy to forget how great Little Richard was, when I play those early records I’m struck by how raw and immediate they sound, even now. More than Elvis or Chuck Berry or even his hero Fats Domino, Richard kinda invented Rock ‘n’ Roll y’know? Not that it matters so much, or that it’s down to one person, and maybe Esquerita really did teach him the piano and his style, or maybe it’s just a good myth but, y’know, his contribution is pretty massive. Dwarfed only by his personality and wardrobe. I can’t remember who it was, but I recall a story about playing the same bill as him in the early days, they’d think it had gone pretty well but then Richard would enter from the back of the hall, walk through the crowd screaming and he’d have killed them before he even made it up on the stage. Earlier this year he was reported to be in ill health but singin the praises of Prince – here’s a 1972 clip of him racing through ‘Rip It Up’ that might give some clues as to why he found Prince so impressive.



~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 5, 2016.

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