just drive a different car every day, dependin’ on how I feel

It Tom’s birthday and well, it’s almost Christmas aint it? So here’s his amazing, sad and beautiful christmas song. Mentioned how I was growing to like Kinky Freidman’s version that pops up the christmas cracker mix there, but of course Tom’s is always gonna be the one. Still, Neko Case has a damn good run at it here, plays like she’s writing it as opposed to Tom receiving it an reading it. Some lovely swelling church organ in the back and about breaks your sorry heart, that desperate, hopeful glimmer at the end really twists it in. Brother Randy finally got his self on board with Neko this year on account of the wonderful Case/Lang /Veirs record, hard to believe this cover is from 14 years ago. Not her finest hour by any means but it’s a pretty great version I think. Here also an early live version from Tom, the crowd laughs a lot which seems strange but I guess it was a new song then and they’re taking in some of the imagery, not quite getting the full heartbreak of it just yet. Like Darlene Love yesterday, Tom was a Letterman regular telling tall tales and talking nonsense this clip is from elsewhere but maybe that’s what they was expecting…


~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 7, 2016.

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