How Me an Randy ‘stole’ Christmas that one time


Well friends, gettin’ into the home stretch here, last minute panic buying and so on. Here’s another old christmas mix in case theChristmas Cracker one wore out its welcome already. There’s a couple of upbeat and/or more modern moments on it but for the most part we’re on the gentle, relaxin, crackly old records side of things here. Sippin’  on a little something and watching the fire burn y’know? Slidin’ on off into a soporific reverie on the couch in front of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ or The Wizard Of Oz. As for the name there well, I said it before, an I say it again – it ain’t what you think. We didn’t really steal Christmas, and we didn’t never have to spend no Christmas day in jail neither. This is just about this thing that happened one year. We’d been drinkin’, as is the, erm, seasonal thing to do right? Christmas cheer, in the spirit of the holidays and so on. Anyways, we thought it’d be a real festive type of idea if the christmas tree from a certain local business premises accompanied the pair of us on to the next bar and shared in our celebrations with us. Snuck out from work for a quick one kinda, Now, being as we’d been drinkin’ for the best part of the afternoon already and ain’t usually the brightest bulbs on the tree there to begin with we didn’t reckon on the lights on the tree being plugged in. I guess we thought they just glowed with christmas magic, goodwill to mankind or some such thing, and so in short order all three of us collapsed in a tangled pile, baubles shootin’ this way an that without getting more than a few feet into our high speed getaway. I think it’s fair to say that some of those present failed to quite see the funny side of the situation.

stream up the top, or click here to slip her in yer pocket while Randy distracts the clerk, you dig?

How Randy & Earl Stole Christmas That One Time

intro,  feat Julian Koster and his singing saw  –  Silver Bells
Rev. J.M. Gates   –  Did You Spend Christmas Day In Jail?
Amos Milburn  –  Let’s Make Christmas Merry, Baby
Bumble Bee Slim  –  Christmas and No Santa Claus
Lowell Fulson  –  Christmas Party Shuffle
Rev. Edward W. Clayborn  –  The Wrong Way To Celebrate Christmas
Capt. Elmo McKenzie & The Roosters  –  Home On Christmas Day
The Harlem Children’s Chorus  –  Black Christmas
Thurl Ravenscroft, MGM Studio Orch & Chorus  –  You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds  –  Black Santa
Johnny Dowd  –  Jingle Bells
J.D. McPherson  –  Twinkle Little Christmas Lights
Lyle Lovett  –  The Girl With The Holiday Smile
Aretha Franklin  –  Over The Rainbow
The Andrews Sisters  –  I’d Like To Hitch A Ride With Santa Claus
The Dalhart Imperials  –  Old Man Spivey’s Egg Nog
Jack White Christmas  –  Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over
C.W. Stoneking  –  On A Christmas Day
Lightnin’ Hopkins  –  Santa
Carla Thomas  –  All I Want For Christmas Is You
Jimmy Smith  –  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Booker T. & The M.G.s  –  Winter Snow
Imagene Peise  –   Silent Night
Spiritualized  –   Silent Night
Julian Koster  –   Silent Night

grrrriiiiiinch-ness copy

~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 16, 2016.

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