Tipitina tra la la la

Shot with DxO ONE

I put on my TV earlier and seen James Bond getting out of a car and walking through a second line funeral that it seems no one showed up for. “Relax, Jim. Mister Big Wants to see you”. It’s Professor Longhair’s birthday. He’d be 98, probably. Here’s a couple things I learned, or noticed, today for y’all about Tipitina’s the famous club on Tchoupitoulas named after one of his most famous songs. Not that they was secret or anything, just I didn’t know. First, I was always under the impression it opened in his honour, or was maybe renamed, after his death. But the club opened in ’77 and right there over the stage is his portrait and dates 1918 – 1980, so there’s that. Second is about that bust of his bald head in the doorway, everyone used to rub the head of for luck. That’s the work of Coco Robicheaux who I knew was a musician, never knew he was an artist too. So, not only is his name fun to say, he made that. I’ll be. Anyway, now you know these things too and here’s a pretty cool clip of fess talkin’ and playin ‘Tipitina’.




~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 19, 2016.

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