Mumblin’ Earl’s round up (twennyansixteeeen)


155well friends, before we see off the last wet couple days of January and ride on out into the thunderstorm of shit that’s noisily darkenin’ the horizon for 2017, a last glance back over the shoulder at 2016 – It’s a full year already since I done that mix for the good night train folks, fully four years since I done the last one of these – where does the damn time go?  I guess we could say it’s been pretty quiet one agin up here on Hickey mountain. Still, Brother Randy has really started to make some solid progress on his Jumpin’ with Stagger Lee night, y’all should be keepin’ an eye to that. Maybe I’ll do a mix of some actual old records some time, that’s what we’re ‘sposed to be all about around  here right? Or get Brandy and Pearl to do another something for you who knows, shit – Pearl got time on her hands. Meantime here’s some favourites from last year for y’all, some of ’em popped up a bunch on them year end lists in December, some of them not so much. Whatever. If we wanna get all picky and such the Charlie Parr one seems to have had a couple releases in different territories but it ain’t the exact date, it’s the quality. Or something. Finally got to see him play this year – I’d advise you do too if you get the chance. Lotta chirrupin’ bugs on this one thanks to that mighty Black Angel Drifter record. Whole thing kicks off with a double whammy from Kid Congo and Slim Cessna who closed off the year with some shows together and a super cool poster, check it out, if’n that can’t raise a smile from you then I don’t know what. 2016 was a rough year, and the new one looks even grimmer, but we’re still here just about ain’t we? It may not be much, but there was some good new records on the jukebox.

click the title to download, stream her at the top there. you wanna beer? lets us have some beers, come on.


Mumblin’ Earl’s 2016 Round Up

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds  –  La Araña  [La Araña Es La Vida]
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club  –  Commandment 2  [The Commandments According To]
Andre Williams  –  What Now?  [I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City]
The James Hunter Six  –  This Is Where We Came In  [Hold On!]
Margo Price  –  Hurtin’ (On the Bottle)  [Midwest Farmer’s Daughter]
Handsome Family  –  Back in my Day  [Unseen]
Freakwater  –  Velveteen Matador  [Scheherazade]
Hayes Carll  –  Good While It Lasted  [Lovers And Leavers]
Allen Toussaint  –  Hey Little Girl  [American Tunes]
Black Angel Drifter  –  Lead On Take it Away  [Black Angel Drifter]
Case/Lang/Veirs  –  Georgia Stars  [Case/Lang/Veirs]
Mekons  –  Fear and Beer  [Existentialism]
Robbie Fulks  –  America is a Hard Religion  [Upland Stories]
William Tyler  –  Kingdom of Jones  [Modern Country]
Willie Nelson  –  It Ain’t Necessarily So  [Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin]
Charlie Parr  –  Remember Me If I Forget  [Stumpjumper]
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra  –  Devil Wears a Blue Tie  [Something Blue]
Howe Gelb  –  May You Never Fall In Love  [Future Standards]
Charlie Hunter – (Looks Like) Somebody Got Ahead of Schedule on Their Medication  [Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth]



~ by Mumblin' Earl on January 28, 2017.

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