Morton Valence go Europa

Our beloved Morton Valence are back, and they need you to put yer hand in your pocket to get their new record out. Kickstarter clip up top here tells you all about it. They took a little break from being Morton Valence last year for the wonderful Black Angel Drifter record, pushing their southern gothic tendencies all the way out there to rather glorious effect. Their last album as MV had a picture of the Queen of England on the front and was called ‘Another Country’ a double whammy that comes with extra loaded meaning considering the fracturing of our national identity in the couple of years since then. Her Majesty joined a stream of cover stars, old Joe Stalin, The Rebel Flag, the band as Bonnie and Clyde, that have pulled off a reasonable balance of contentious ambiguity. This time out though it’s clear there ain’t to be no messin around  – Morton Valence are proud europeans and despondent remainers – having toyed with American imagery and successfully blended country music with English kitchen sink lyricism into their own ‘Urban Country’ style, this album is all about celebrating their european identity. ‘Europa’ has a cover with a vaguely krautrock feel depicting a Citroën car (Kraftwerk’s Autobahn can be seen on the shelf behind them in the clip) inside are versions of European songs, sung in the appropriate languages. From the sound of the clip the music has got a bit angrier and more rock ‘n’ roll too. Go on, chip in, you know it makes sense.

Down at the bottom here is a nice live show from the time of that last record…

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 8, 2017.

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