In the lavish surroundings of the Pussy Parlure, Randy and Earl – under the guise ‘Lovely Mornings’ – found themselves a niche playing to the comedown kids, the hungover, the bedraggled and the confused. A soothing mix of gospel, soul, jazz, country, r&b, folk and the like helped to ease away the aches and pains of the night before and set people up for another day of drunken excess. But it’s not all mellow gold – when called upon to get a dancefloor moving, the Old Record Club boys can mix it up with the best of them… They may be as old and dusty as their records, but they can still get a Juke Joint jumpin’…

A Randy & Earl slot can either be genre-based – for example, our country stints behind the “wonderful record machine” at What’s Cookin’ – or properly eclectic. We’ve played everywhere from a mad festival in Eire to a dark little pub in Deptford, a tent in Dorset to Xmas parties in Islington Town Hall. In short, Randy and Earl are whores.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi,
    i’ve recently re-mixed a gospel track from your goin to church mix and desperately need the track details for publishing purposes. It’s a mental gospel track in the middle of the mix with lyrics such as ‘Get out your track and head for Jesus, get out your track and head for god ‘ … i think, can you please help me on this one ????? and give me an e-mail address so i can send you my work, many thanks, Tim (blu-jam) Brown

  2. Hi Tim – sounds ace, I’ll have to work through the tracklisting because it’s not ringing a bell, but I’ll be in touch tonight or tomorrow!!!

  3. Got it !!
    Dragnet for Jesus by Sister Wynona

    publishing sorted !
    Again, i can send you an mp3 of the radio edit if you give me an e-mail address,

    Tim (blu-jam) Brown

  4. […] play havoc with a guy’s leg) has been playing out all over the UK and beyond as one half of Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club. As Brother Randy Hickey, he and DJ life partner Jared (Brother Earl Hickey) have played dozens of […]

  5. Just to let you know, my colleague and I were driving through outback Northern Territory (Australia) to Epenarra (an Aboriginal community…look it up!) getting down to a Stagger mix this week… thanks for the music… it made a dusty, bumpy drive a rockin’ good time…

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