Rev. Gary Davis – How Happy I Am

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Friends, here we got something. more than 20 mins of Rev Gary Davis playing and singing. Don’t believe I ever seen such a thing, don’t suppose I expected it even existed. Sounds silly now but I guess he always seemed a faded figure from a world that’s gone. Man was born all the way back in the late 1800’s y’know? Anyway, turns out the ol’ Reverend walked the earth just about long enough to share it with me an’ Randy finally shuffling off to his reward in 1972. How d’you like them apples? This clip is from 1967, it’s good quality too a mix of spiritual and secular numbers. Not all that much in terms of visual drama it’s kinda like a magical photo that comes to life and plays some tunes for you. Who doesn’t want that right?

Happy Birthday Lightnin’ Hopkins

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So, it’s the anniversary of Lightnin’ Hopkins’ birth and that seems as good an excuse as any to put up this great clip of him talking and playing again and put some of his tunes on, shuffle about the house some.

Morton Valence go Europa

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Our beloved Morton Valence are back, and they need you to put yer hand in your pocket to get their new record out. Kickstarter clip up top here tells you all about it. They took a little break from being Morton Valence last year for the wonderful Black Angel Drifter record, pushing their southern gothic tendencies all the way out there to rather glorious effect. Their last album as MV had a picture of the Queen of England on the front and was called ‘Another Country’ a double whammy that comes with extra loaded meaning considering the fracturing of our national identity in the couple of years since then. Her Majesty joined a stream of cover stars, old Joe Stalin, The Rebel Flag, the band as Bonnie and Clyde, that have pulled off a reasonable balance of contentious ambiguity. This time out though it’s clear there ain’t to be no messin around  – Morton Valence are proud europeans and despondent remainers – having toyed with American imagery and successfully blended country music with English kitchen sink lyricism into their own ‘Urban Country’ style, this album is all about celebrating their european identity. ‘Europa’ has a cover with a vaguely krautrock feel depicting a Citroën car (Kraftwerk’s Autobahn can be seen on the shelf behind them in the clip) inside are versions of European songs, sung in the appropriate languages. From the sound of the clip the music has got a bit angrier and more rock ‘n’ roll too. Go on, chip in, you know it makes sense.

Down at the bottom here is a nice live show from the time of that last record…

Mumblin’ Earl’s round up (twennyansixteeeen)

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155well friends, before we see off the last wet couple days of January and ride on out into the thunderstorm of shit that’s noisily darkenin’ the horizon for 2017, a last glance back over the shoulder at 2016 – It’s a full year already since I done that mix for the good night train folks, fully four years since I done the last one of these – where does the damn time go?  I guess we could say it’s been pretty quiet one agin up here on Hickey mountain. Still, Brother Randy has really started to make some solid progress on his Jumpin’ with Stagger Lee night, y’all should be keepin’ an eye to that. Maybe I’ll do a mix of some actual old records some time, that’s what we’re ‘sposed to be all about around  here right? Or get Brandy and Pearl to do another something for you who knows, shit – Pearl got time on her hands. Meantime here’s some favourites from last year for y’all, some of ’em popped up a bunch on them year end lists in December, some of them not so much. Whatever. If we wanna get all picky and such the Charlie Parr one seems to have had a couple releases in different territories but it ain’t the exact date, it’s the quality. Or something. Finally got to see him play this year – I’d advise you do too if you get the chance. Lotta chirrupin’ bugs on this one thanks to that mighty Black Angel Drifter record. Whole thing kicks off with a double whammy from Kid Congo and Slim Cessna who closed off the year with some shows together and a super cool poster, check it out, if’n that can’t raise a smile from you then I don’t know what. 2016 was a rough year, and the new one looks even grimmer, but we’re still here just about ain’t we? It may not be much, but there was some good new records on the jukebox.

click the title to download, stream her at the top there. you wanna beer? lets us have some beers, come on.


Mumblin’ Earl’s 2016 Round Up

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds  –  La Araña  [La Araña Es La Vida]
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club  –  Commandment 2  [The Commandments According To]
Andre Williams  –  What Now?  [I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City]
The James Hunter Six  –  This Is Where We Came In  [Hold On!]
Margo Price  –  Hurtin’ (On the Bottle)  [Midwest Farmer’s Daughter]
Handsome Family  –  Back in my Day  [Unseen]
Freakwater  –  Velveteen Matador  [Scheherazade]
Hayes Carll  –  Good While It Lasted  [Lovers And Leavers]
Allen Toussaint  –  Hey Little Girl  [American Tunes]
Black Angel Drifter  –  Lead On Take it Away  [Black Angel Drifter]
Case/Lang/Veirs  –  Georgia Stars  [Case/Lang/Veirs]
Mekons  –  Fear and Beer  [Existentialism]
Robbie Fulks  –  America is a Hard Religion  [Upland Stories]
William Tyler  –  Kingdom of Jones  [Modern Country]
Willie Nelson  –  It Ain’t Necessarily So  [Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin]
Charlie Parr  –  Remember Me If I Forget  [Stumpjumper]
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra  –  Devil Wears a Blue Tie  [Something Blue]
Howe Gelb  –  May You Never Fall In Love  [Future Standards]
Charlie Hunter – (Looks Like) Somebody Got Ahead of Schedule on Their Medication  [Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth]



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Happy Elvis Day Friends!

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Remember the King’s day, and keep it holy. know what I’m a sayin? Ain’t that a beautiful thing there? Velvet Elvis Jesus. Dang. I’m sure one time we was on about what Velvets song Elvis woulda sung, can’t find the old post but it was about how he’d done ‘Proud Mary’ or something, so I tucked that on the bottom there, some Elvis Vegas, some Elvis Gospel, some Comeback Special, some Elvis toast and top of the pile here the lovely ‘Crawfish’ from his best movie ‘King Creole’, Halleloo, praise the lord and pass the biscuits please.








Tipitina tra la la la

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Shot with DxO ONE

I put on my TV earlier and seen James Bond getting out of a car and walking through a second line funeral that it seems no one showed up for. “Relax, Jim. Mister Big Wants to see you”. It’s Professor Longhair’s birthday. He’d be 98, probably. Here’s a couple things I learned, or noticed, today for y’all about Tipitina’s the famous club on Tchoupitoulas named after one of his most famous songs. Not that they was secret or anything, just I didn’t know. First, I was always under the impression it opened in his honour, or was maybe renamed, after his death. But the club opened in ’77 and right there over the stage is his portrait and dates 1918 – 1980, so there’s that. Second is about that bust of his bald head in the doorway, everyone used to rub the head of for luck. That’s the work of Coco Robicheaux who I knew was a musician, never knew he was an artist too. So, not only is his name fun to say, he made that. I’ll be. Anyway, now you know these things too and here’s a pretty cool clip of fess talkin’ and playin ‘Tipitina’.