The Stagger Cast Archive

Stagger Cast#43

Once again, there’s been some messin’ around with all our files and such. Things getting rehosted, that kind of caper. Anyhow, for now all the old Stagger Casts are archived in sets of ten – saves too much fussing on both our parts. So pick the ones ya want below, they come with the artwork too.

If you want the tracklists, download the text file here. (although they’re in short supply till about Stagger Cast #20)


Stagger Cast Archive #1 Episodes 1-10

Stagger Cast Archive #2 Episodes 11-20

Stagger Cast Archive #3 Episodes 21-30

Stagger Cast Archive #4 Episodes 31-40

Stagger Cast Archive #5 Episodes 41-50


6 Responses to “The Stagger Cast Archive”

  1. […] And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been archiving all the Stagger Casts I’ve made too – they get deleted from podomatic because of space, but now they’re safe. You can find them here. […]

  2. This is just a wonderful find! The perfect Christmas present for my friends. The staggercasts are just staggering (sorry, couldn’t resist). Thanks you so much…

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  4. […] been pretty busy, especially with Jared / Brother Earl on a big New Orleans tip of late. And the Stagger Casts keep coming – up to 44 now. So go take a […]

  5. Wonderful collection. Thanks.

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