Actionettes! A Decade o’ Go Go!

So, this coming saturday brother Randy’ll be headed back this way and we’ll be hitting the town to see us them dancing girls and drink until he can’t walk (that’s if he can still walk after seven long sorry hours on that bus) Y’all should come along. Don’t be getting the wrong idea about the dancing girls now, this ain’t like that place we met Brandy & Pearl – no indeed. This here is a classy type deal. The fabulous Actionettes are celebrating 10 whole years of  shaking their thing and bringing joy wherever they go. If you’ve never seen them, they just put a massive smile on your face. It’s at the legendary, wonderful 100 club (which shockingly faces closure)

here’s a clip of them at the 100 club a couple of years ago…. the extremely eagle-eyed amongst yous might  spot Randy and myself in the audience at the end there someplace……..

But that ain’t all friends, no. It’s enough, but it ain’t all. Also on the bill that night not one but two female fronted bands play for your edification and entertainment – The rockin’ Betty & The Werewolves and the shockin’ Piney Gir. Brandy & Pearl’d be proud. Indeed I hear the Werewolves narrowly missed a spot on their recent mix ( a spat about a David Cassidy poster or something). Betty & The Werewolves play a kind of Garage Pop type thing and Piney Gir sings some fine country music. Here’s a tune a piece for you to check out if you’re unfamiliar….

Betty & The Werewolves -Plastic (from teatime favourites)

Piney Gir – I Was Born In A Thunder Storm (from Jesus Wept)

Both acts are on the ever wonderful Damaged Goods records who’ll sell you the albums over the internet and everything… Piney Gir’s isn’t actually out ’til Monday but I reckon as you might be able to pick up a copy on the night – well you never know. Here’s a bunch of links’ll keep you busy

Actionettes *     Actionettes TV

The 100 Club     * Save The 100 Club

Piney Gir

Betty & The Werewolves

Damaged Goods

~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 13, 2010.

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